How to identify a touch screen (or mouse?) protocol with gpm

Install gpm (e.g. aptitude install gpm for Debian, Ubuntu, etc.) and run the following as root (you can sudo bash first)

( for i in `gpm -t types`; do sudo gpm -m /dev/input/whatever -t $i -T -D; done ) 2>&1 | tee /tmp/gpm.log

(where "whatever" is the device you're trying to identify.) Now press the left button or the touch screen repeatedly. Some drivers will spit out a lot of this:

Alternatives to Pliny

Somewhere along the line I discovered what kind of alcohol drinker I am: a hophead, or a consumer of highly-hopped beers, typified by double, triple, or imperial India Pale Ales (or "IPAs"), a type of beer originally designed to retain some hop flavor after a long sea voyage in a wooden cask. Indeed, there is a strong trend in cask-aged IPAs and other styles of strong beer. But that's not what I want to talk about; right now I want to mention some "other" fine beers that I enjoy just as much as Pliny the Elder, which is broadly considered to be the world's best IPA.

Migrated to D7; displaying images

After some deliberation I decided that it was finally time to move to Drupal 7. Most of the modules I use have been ported, and I figured I could hack my way around the rest. While there's substantially more hacking to be done, I have a fairly good handle on it so far. There were more complications than I expected, however.

Hey nVidia, what happened?

Hey, nVidia, what has happened to your drivers lately? They seem to have all the quality I expect from ATI drivers. I have new problems I didn't have before my last Linux driver upgrade. What, exactly is wrong over there, and what can I do to help short of buying a $600 graphics card from you? Sincerely, formerly a rabid pro-nVidia, anti-AMD Linux user.

Why are we still burning oil?

A lot of people think that we are utterly dependent on burning oil for energy for our modern existence, but this is patently untrue. One example of potential independence is biodiesel. I own two diesels (a car and a truck) and I put biodiesel into them when I can, but it costs significantly more than petroleum diesel. This is due to the tax breaks given to Big Oil, and the fact that no one is paying for the major externality of burning petrofuels, carbon dioxide. The US government proved at Sandia NREL in the 1980s that producing biodiesel from algae grown in open raceway ponds was not only feasible, but that it should be profitable with diesel fuel retailing at $3/gallon.

Newegg Illegally Prohibits Linux

Every time I get comfortable with a retailer something bad happens. In this case, Newegg is doing Microsoft's work by illegally1 refusing warranty support to a customer who installed Linux on a computer. I submitted a letter about it to Newegg through their system; they gave me back the code #120612-001897.


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