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Making Assassins Creed: Unity Play OK

Assassins Creed is a really nifty psuedohistorical series of parcourt assassination games, and Assassins Creed: Unity is one of the recent entries in the series — which was included in a Humble Bundle of most of the titles. This post is not a news flash. It is a summary I'm writing because I don't want to have to track this information down again, distilled from a couple of pages I found googling.

Random Drinking Game


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This is a game composed of a number of other games and drinking activities. It is a super game for a large group, and getting to know people. Standard supplies are required: people, beers, and cards.

All 52 cards are randomly spread face down across the table. Play begins by the first player flipping over a card and placing it in front of him/her. Each card corresponds to a fixed course of action. After the action is completed, the next player flips over a card, and this continues until every card has been turned.

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