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Audi Project Progress

Some while back, I bought a 1997 Audi A8 Quattro with a bunch of problems for a little too much money, let's just not talk about how much. Not a lot, but still too much. I've worked through most of them problems, but then had an electrical issue that sent me back to looking for a front-end harness. Long story short, I wound up buying a parts car for $300 and then driving it home in limp mode over the Hopland Grade, like a boss. And since it's nicer than my car, I'm just going ahead and swapping the long-ago-warranty-replaced transmission which I've had fitted with the Transgo main pressure valve fix into the newer, nicer, lower-mileage car. And yesterday, I actually managed to extract the motor and trans from the 1997.


Random Drinking Game

X-Files (2)

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To play the X-Files Drinking Game, you will need:

  • A video tape of collected X-Files episodes (or any Friday night for a short game).
  • An ample supply of your favorite beverage (preferably Jolt Cola, Mountain Dew, or any drink with plenty of caffine to get you wired. If you're over twenty-one, go ahead and break out the Boston Loggers!)
  • A really good sound system, so that Mulder and Scully seem to be right in the room with you and the action is all around you. (optional)

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