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Freedompop is a Scam

I am a T-Mobile customer. I am relatively happy with the service, but the coverage is garbage. I thought I would try something else, and Freedompop offered me a SIM for $0.99, and then another sim for $0.01. Then they informed me that my trial began as soon as they shipped the SIM cards. Before I've even had a chance to do any testing, they sent me a reminder that I had only 3 days left of my free trial before they would start charging me money.

Random Drinking Game

Rules of the Game

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Not really a game as such, but a great way to get pissed quickly.

Basically, whenever your pint is fuller than another person's, you can challenge them by asking them "Do you know the rules of the game?". They must then reply "It would be rude of me not to." The challenger then tosses a coin, and the challenged person calls heads or tails. If you call correctly, the challenger must finish his/her pint; if they are right, you must finish yours.

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