Facebook doesn't want you to know why Jeanne Mansfield was Maced at the Wall Street Protests

I posted the Boston Review story Why I Was Maced at the Wall Street Protests by Jeanne Mansfield to my Facebook wall, and it faithfully appeared ("via Links") on my wall. When my friends saw the update, however, they did not get the link. So I posted it again, and the same thing happened. And I posted the URL in a comment, and the comment disappeared. So then I posted the URL with spaces in it in another comment, and the comment did not disappear. Facebook is deliberately filtering comments containing the URL for the story.

The Wheel Turns

I have finally concluded the repair of my 1992 Ford F-250's steering system. I say "repair" but "replacement" is a more honest description, as I have replaced everything but the intermediate shaft. I find it interesting that this component is in such apparently good shape (it slides and rotates without any sound or feeling of friction) when everything else in the system was shot, especially since several Diesel Stop members have complained about its failure.

To all the girls I've smelled before

Today a friend shared the following status update on Facebook:

If I can smell your perfume because you walked past my office in the hallway, it probably means that you've got too much on.

This made me think about a pamphlet I picked up while applying for a job in Mendocino county which explains the statement "It's not the smell, it's the chemical" without having to engage in handwaving about multiple chemical sensitivity. I have attached it below.

Vista for Security? Never mind SELinux, NSA.

As a regular contributor to Katherine Noyes' Linux Blog Safari on Linux Insider, I was recently asked to comment on the NSA recommending Vista for best security. For those who don't already know, Vista is a train wreck, but the situation is at least slightly more insidious than simple stupidity.

Make Ubuntu use local (non-UTC) time

Ubuntu has set the system clock to UTC since the Intrepid Ibex (8.10.) I didn't notice because I had upgraded through several other versions. Using UTC for the system clock is cool if you don't dual-boot, but I do. The functionality exists in at least Vista and later to use UTC for the system clock, but I'm using XP and don't trust it to work even if it appears to.


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