To all the girls I've smelled before

Today a friend shared the following status update on Facebook:

If I can smell your perfume because you walked past my office in the hallway, it probably means that you've got too much on.

This made me think about a pamphlet I picked up while applying for a job in Mendocino county which explains the statement "It's not the smell, it's the chemical" without having to engage in handwaving about multiple chemical sensitivity. I have attached it below.

Vista for Security? Never mind SELinux, NSA.

As a regular contributor to Katherine Noyes' Linux Blog Safari on Linux Insider, I was recently asked to comment on the NSA recommending Vista for best security. For those who don't already know, Vista is a train wreck, but the situation is at least slightly more insidious than simple stupidity.

Make Ubuntu use local (non-UTC) time

Ubuntu has set the system clock to UTC since the Intrepid Ibex (8.10.) I didn't notice because I had upgraded through several other versions. Using UTC for the system clock is cool if you don't dual-boot, but I do. The functionality exists in at least Vista and later to use UTC for the system clock, but I'm using XP and don't trust it to work even if it appears to.

Direct Buy Wood and Bamboo Flooring FAIL

I was pricing some bamboo flooring so I checked out everyone's website that doesn't totally fall down when Javascript is disabled, and one of the places I ended up viewing was After you install some personal information they let you know they want some money for shipping their flooring samples; they wanted almost ten bucks for some little scraps of wood. So I checked a radio button that said "delete my information and send nothing" and went on my merry way.

MiniDLNA on Debian 5.0 "Lenny"

For some time now I have been using ps3mediaserver to stream video to my Xbox 360. Since solutions for playing various video streams on various devices have become more convenient of late I've become less picky about what I transcode to, except that I like to achieve fairly high quality. ogmrip has become less useful of late, failing on most source video on which I try to use it, so I've gone back to Handbrake, the most competent and arrogant of DVD transcoders.

Steam/Half-Life 2 on Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 with nVidia

Half-life 2 gave me a black screen on Maverick until I upgraded to latest nVidia from ubuntu-x-swat x-updates PPA, and wine1.3 from ubuntu wine team PPA. Before the update from wine 1.2 (from the regular Maverick repos) I also installed directx9 with winetricks (from the repos also.) Presumably those files are still in my wine setup.


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