Hey nVidia, what happened?

Hey, nVidia, what has happened to your drivers lately? They seem to have all the quality I expect from ATI drivers. I have new problems I didn't have before my last Linux driver upgrade. What, exactly is wrong over there, and what can I do to help short of buying a $600 graphics card from you? Sincerely, formerly a rabid pro-nVidia, anti-AMD Linux user.

Howto toggle dual monitors with nVidia on Linux

I have two LCDs and Ubuntu, and I want to use compositing so I can use Compiz. Xinerama still doesn't work with Composite outside of Xgl, which was deprecated some years ago. I want to play full screen games but they don't properly span monitors in many cases, even if that's what I wanted. What is needed then is a way to easily toggle the second monitor. I found it in the Ubuntu forums archive in the form of Disper.

Removing nvidia-glx-195 from Ubuntu Karmic x64

If you install nvidia-glx-195 drivers from Nvidia Vdpau Team PPA then you may have trouble removing them later due to packaging failure ;) Actually, the problem will crop up when you try to reinstall nvidia-glx-185. I had to do this because my GT 240 is unsupported under all versions of the driver, and while it works it locks up hard on anything later than -185.

Compaq nw9440 xorg.conf: Support for multiple input devices

Like many laptops, the Compaq nw9440 has a Synaptics touchpad. If you want to scroll like the big boys, which is to say with the right side of the touchpad, then you need to make some changes to your xorg.conf. I also use a USB pointer (Logitech TrackMan Wheel, the second generation Marble) and I wanted to be able to use both at once, either/or, et cetera. The touchpad can supposedly be used pressure-sensitively in The GIMP, which is another possible motivation.

Compaq nw9440 xorg.conf: Support for all resolutions

I have a Compaq nw9440 "Mobile Workstation" class system, P/N (or type or something) EZ901#AA. There are a number of different systems called the nw9440 which come in the same case, which are slightly different. I won't go into it here; this isn't an ad for HP. In fact, this laptop has presented (in my opinion) more than its fair share of obstacles in my pursuit of Linux. ACPI is slightly wonky, the modem is from Conexant, and video, of all things, has been a major PITA. This is highly unfortunate because this laptop has quite excellent graphics, in fact carrying the best of breed for its date of release - the NVIDIA Quadro FX1500. In particular, I am able to use the display panel only at its maximum resolution.

HP/Compaq Mobile Workstation nw9440

While searching for a laptop, unfortunately just prior to the release of the Core 2 Duo, I was looking for a system that fit a short list of criteria. One, the keyboard must be excellent. Two, the panel must be large. Three, the display adapter must be made by NVIDIA. Four, it must be powerful - both in terms of processing power and available memory. At the time, the finest laptop available which fit the bill was the Compaq nw9440. This was then HPQ's absolute top of the line, and in fact different versions of this system still are. This review applies to one particular model of Compaq nw9440 - the EZ901#ABA - and there are numerous others. Current models are basically the same thing with a Core 2 Duo instead of the original Core Duo.

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