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youtube-dl command line

This is the script I use for youtube-dl on Windows:

@echo off
title ydl %*
youtube-dl -f "bestvideo[height<=480]+bestaudio/best[height<=480]" %*
REM --external-downloader aria2c --external-downloader-args "-c -j3 -x3 -s3 -k 1M"

I had trouble with aria2c last time I used it, so I took that part out, but those are the options I was using.

We Don't Want Moderates

Success of politicians like Sanders and AOC on the left and Cheeto Mussolini on the right prove that people don't want moderates. Some people who would have voted for Sanders in the last election literally voted for Trump because he wasn't a moderate and they thought he would bring positive change (or because they decided they'd rather see the world burn than business as usual.) The DNC lost the last election specifically by choosing to field the "safe", moderate, business-as-usual candidate instead of a candidate who promised change.

Heat Sources for Campers and RVs (Or anywhere)

If you plan to live where you need supplemental heat, you will need a heater. If your space is bigger than a closet, or colder than a refrigerator, the trick with the candles and the clay pots isn't going to cut it. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, but what are they? What's the up and down side to each fuel source?

PG&E and Fires

I have been involved in a discussion about why PG&E is responsible for the damage from wildfires which they started by poorly maintaining their equipment, and the trees around it. The story is somewhat complicated, although the basic facts are actually fairly simple. There is enough blame to go around, but to understand it you first have to understand the setting.

On Land Area

Sometimes, people claim that Europe is tiny compared to the US, often when talking about public transportation, or about electrical power distribution, or internet access proliferation. These people are wrong. Here are the figures, retrieved from teh goog.

  • Area of Europe: 3.931M mi²
  • Area of US: 3.797M mi².
  • Area of continental US: 3.12M mi².

How fast should you drive a bus or motor home?

Since we got a bus to convert into an RV, I have been doing quite a bit of research into them, and gathering information which I might find useful. One question which came up was how fast one can and should drive their bus. There is a lot of variation, and many factors which come into play, but given freely available resources on the internet today it's actually not that difficult to figure out.

Thanks, Hulu

Trying to watch a YouTube video, I am confronted with an insipid ad for Hulu. At the end they claim they're about to ruin TV for me. Thanks, Hulu, you already have. How much did you pay for that commercial? Because it was too much. Tools.

Dear Amazon

I would like to be watching The Grand Tour on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, but your latest update has completely boned it and just trying to watch basically anything from Amazon is absolutely destroying it to the point that I have to cold boot it. Netflix and Youtube are working fine. Is this a divorce thing?

Freedompop is a Scam

I am a T-Mobile customer. I am relatively happy with the service, but the coverage is garbage. I thought I would try something else, and Freedompop offered me a SIM for $0.99, and then another sim for $0.01. Then they informed me that my trial began as soon as they shipped the SIM cards. Before I've even had a chance to do any testing, they sent me a reminder that I had only 3 days left of my free trial before they would start charging me money.


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