Unpacking umod files on Linux

After a couple hours of searching I finally found a tool capable of unpacking umod files on Linux today. I can't get umodpack to build so I gave up and downloaded a Windows tool written in Delphi and ran it in Wine, which works great. Looks like someone boned something somewhere and broke backwards compatibility that affects my ability to build umodpack, it happens while Perl tries to generate documentation and a quick search suggests that it's an endemic problem. Thanks, whoever you are! Douche. Download Unreal Tournament UMOD Extractor to successfully unpack umod files on Windows or Linux+Wine.

Userful -> UserFAIL?

I tried to install the Userful 4.0 beta for Ubuntu Maverick and got the following error:

Userful MultiSeat(tm) requires a specific version of the following system package
Version requirement: linux-generic >=

This is unfortunate because I am >=, as you can see:

drink@alexander:~$ uname -r

WebDT 360 up and running

A long-awaited project (awaited by me, that is) has finally come to pass with my successful installation of debian woody on my WebDT 360 (Geode LX800 model.) This machine has a low-power 500MHz x86 processor with a tightly integrated architecture, a penmount resistive touch panel, and mediocre I/O. Luckily it does have USB2 and good bluetooth, but the WiFi is in most cases a VIA vt6656 which until recently did not have a GPL-safe driver, meaning you have to build your own.

On the Road Again

Today I managed a successful test drive of my pickup after reinstallation of the aft fuel tank, in which I have replaced the broken rubber pickup with a short piece of Gates multi-fuel compatible fuel line (3/8" ID.) This time I made it to town and back without mishap. It was actually fairly amazing how quickly the truck started up; I didn't do any air bleeding until after I got back.

Some great waffles

1 1/2 c whole wheat flour
1/2 c nut flour, almond meal, or similar
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2/3 c nuts (walnut, pecan, madacamia?)
spices to taste: some pumpkin pie spice, a bunch more cinnamon, and a little more allspice

2 tbsp molasses
1/2 c melted butter, cool
4 eggs
1 c half and half 
1 tsp vanilla


Brighten up the road

For some time I've had replacement headlights for my 1992 Ford F250 just lying around waiting to be installed. These are DOT-listed and apparently OE-spec, and they are identical in most respects save that one of the adjusters is a 6mm hex stud where it was originally a philips screw. The original headlights were both badly clouded, and one had broken glass inside of it. This may be the prelude to a HID upgrade, but first I'll have to see what the lights look like with the new, unclouded plastic lenses.

My truck is even cooler than I thought

The wacky axle I've got on my F250 is apparently a super duty axle. If I install one ton springs and a class V hitch then I have all the equipment (but not the legal weight rating) of an F350, and then some. My rear springs need replacing anyway, and the ideal would be to find super duty springs, but I assume they're in short supply. The alternative seems to be to get rear lift springs, which is a somewhat spendy proposition; indeed, they are almost as expensive as the rest of the lift put together!


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