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CMS users don't care about Mobilegeddon

Right now, there is a massive flap occurring in the blogosphere which is known as "Mobilegeddon". Google is going to increase the relative ranking of pages which are available in both desktop and mobile themes, as opposed to only one or the other. This has got a lot of incompetent amateurs worried about whether their sites will vanish off the search landscape, but any Drupal (or other adequate CMS) user can solve this problem with a few clicks.

SA-CORE-2013-003 ate my site! Now what?

When I updated Drupal to 7.24, the status report instructed me to twiddle my .htaccess files per security advisory SA-CORE-2013-003, so I did. And then my site unthemed itself. A quick trip to the error log revealed the problem, and even the solution: change FollowSymLinks to SymLinksIfOwnerMatch.

Migrated to D7; displaying images

After some deliberation I decided that it was finally time to move to Drupal 7. Most of the modules I use have been ported, and I figured I could hack my way around the rest. While there's substantially more hacking to be done, I have a fairly good handle on it so far. There were more complications than I expected, however.


Well, I went manually hacking and whacking my way through my comments and marked all the spam as such, so hopefully my pages will start to show up in google searches again. Also, a new header image; still haven't decided what to do about the font. For the meantime, it seems to be legible at a variety of sizes, so it will do. Now, off to delete more of the spam from the database...


I decided that like every other website on the planet seems to, mine should support flash video. I don't actually have enough bandwidth with my current provider to make much of it, but I was determined to have it anyway. Unfortunately, the flashvideo module uses a nonfree flash video player (it is free only for noncommercial use, which is an extremely hazy term) and the video module just wouldn't work for me. Actually, the flashvideo module didn't work either, it wasn't even attempting to display the content. I had originally planned to add FlowPlayer (the player used by video.module, actually, which is under the Apache license) support to the flashvideo.module but when it didn't seem to want to generate any kind of useful output I gave up and began writing my own module. Note that there is not necessarily anyone to blame for any of this and even if there was every one of these problems might be solved by now.

Hyperlogos.org returns after a brief hiatus, upgraded to 5.0

Frequent visitors to my site will have noticed that it has been down for some time. This was due to my misconfiguration of the devel module, whose database statistics function eventually brought the site to its knees. The query statistics actually ended up taking up about ten times as much space as the rest of the content in the database (which includes all text but no graphics, plus the information that explains how the data interrelates.)

Patches and Updates for the img_assist.module

I've been working on a patch for the img_assist.module that allows you to easily link uploaded images (using image.module, and upload.module, or compatible) into other node types. The img_assist.module is quite dandy and more or less indispensible in my book, but it is missing some very important features. img_assist.module only allows you to use certain predefined sizes (whatever's defined for images, that is smaller than img_assist.module's maximum size) and a custom size. It also only gives you two alignment options: float left, and float right.

Hyperlogos.org Theme Revisions

In an attempt to decrease page load times, I threw out sIFR and re-re-redid my page layout. We're back to using 100% CSS (no tables) which breaks IE, but not as badly as the last theme did. Pages are now typically loading in under a second.

My theme is kind of wonky - it looks like my drupal install is weird. I'm just going to keep it limping along until 5.0 and the modules I need come out, and then I'll upgrade and start working on THAT database.


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