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Modules are used to extend drupal's functionality.

amazontools hyperlogos branch

This is my fork of the amazontools project. This fork already supports limited CSS and has support for disabling related links on teasers, as well as setting the weight of the amazontools content (separately for full and teaser nodes) thanks to learning how to code from fivestar and image_attach modules. This fork (which I would be pleased as punch to merge back in any time) is being developed against drupal 5.7 only. At a later time when I become interested in drupal 6 (when it gets a lot more modules) I will look at a port.
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fvfield is a flash video field for CCK. Unlike other modules it has no dependencies but the player (although it is much nicer with upload.module) and the player itself is Free-as-in-speech and not just -as-in-beer-for-non-commercial-use. In fact it is the same player used by the video.module, but you don't need three modules just to get flash working. So far, fvfield is very limited and the only configuration options involve where to find the player and which one to use. But it does let you get up and running with flash video on your site, pronto.
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I decided that like every other website on the planet seems to, mine should support flash video. I don't actually have enough bandwidth with my current provider to make much of it, but I was determined to have it anyway. Unfortunately, the flashvideo module uses a nonfree flash video player (it is free only for noncommercial use, which is an extremely hazy term) and the video module just wouldn't work for me. Actually, the flashvideo module didn't work either, it wasn't even attempting to display the content. I had originally planned to add FlowPlayer (the player used by video.module, actually, which is under the Apache license) support to the flashvideo.module but when it didn't seem to want to generate any kind of useful output I gave up and began writing my own module. Note that there is not necessarily anyone to blame for any of this and even if there was every one of these problems might be solved by now.

A quotefilter for drupal

quotefilter is a simple drupal module that wraps blockquotes up in pretty quotation marks. It utilizes GIF images by default because IE (even version 7!) does not properly handle PNG transparency, and while I give not a fig if IE users can see my site (obviously - right now the navbar ends up in the middle of the window) someone else might. Below is a sample of what it looks like:

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Many more new modules

I have installed a crapload of new modules. First, let me mention sidecontent, which lets you create your own sidebar box. You should be able to see an example to your left. I replaced FCKeditor with quicktags, which provides some cute little fast-loading HTML editing buttons. It's not WYSIWYG, of course. FCKeditor will come back once I figure out how to add a "use FCKeditor?" option to the user's settings.
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