Migrated to D7; displaying images

After some deliberation I decided that it was finally time to move to Drupal 7. Most of the modules I use have been ported, and I figured I could hack my way around the rest. While there's substantially more hacking to be done, I have a fairly good handle on it so far. There were more complications than I expected, however.

Hyperlogos.org returns after a brief hiatus, upgraded to 5.0

Frequent visitors to my site will have noticed that it has been down for some time. This was due to my misconfiguration of the devel module, whose database statistics function eventually brought the site to its knees. The query statistics actually ended up taking up about ten times as much space as the rest of the content in the database (which includes all text but no graphics, plus the information that explains how the data interrelates.)

Hyperlogos.org Theme Revisions

In an attempt to decrease page load times, I threw out sIFR and re-re-redid my page layout. We're back to using 100% CSS (no tables) which breaks IE, but not as badly as the last theme did. Pages are now typically loading in under a second.

My theme is kind of wonky - it looks like my drupal install is weird. I'm just going to keep it limping along until 5.0 and the modules I need come out, and then I'll upgrade and start working on THAT database.

drink's drinking games MkII

Once upon a time in the darker days of the web when tables were the high-tech new hotness of HTML, I used to run a website that consisted mainly of a collection of drinking games. I actually started with it on www.circus.com, a now-defunct website that represented a geek house in Santa Cruz, California. This was a 486 machine on a 28.8kbps SLIP line, which for you non-geeks out there means it was very slow. In spite of that, I managed to build the largest drinking games site on the web.

Old Content Coming to Hyperlogos.org

I've been doing this web thing since roughly 1993; I've had pages at The Armory, and the now-defunct Marshmallow Peanut Circus (formerly circus.com), at netcom, on slashpalace.org, at frenzy.com, and a ton of other places. Today, all of these pages have died or are only reference links to more current content. This last weekend I turned up a disc that has almost all of my old web content, and I have begun to put it up on the site.

Hyperlogos Zeitgeist

This page is intended to give you some idea of what is going on with this site. It will help you understand what the content is about from two ends; First, the tag cloud displayed below will let you know what kind of content is on the site. Clicking on tags in the cloud will let you view the content of that type. This cloud displays only the most popular tags, and the tags which are applied to the most content are largest.

Automotive Technology

Like many Americans, I've always been fascinated by cars. I'm only 29 and I've owned something like fifteen of them; I currently have three (two in working order.) Over time, I've learned about cars for the most pragmatic reason possible: I cannot afford to take them to repair shops. Well, sure, I could afford to, but then I'd have to go without toys, and let's face it, life is about toys.


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