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Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

Early handheld video games were simple, purpose-built games with names like "Football" and "Soccer". Usually based on grain-of-sand lamps or red LEDs and often not even using a microprocessor, these games were simplistic in the extreme and could usually only play one game. Over time, as integrated logic became cheaper, the games became more advanced with features such as matrix graphics and interchangeable game ROM cartridges. While the earliest days were dominated by names like Atari and Mattel, the industry was rapidly dominated by Nintendo, first with the Game & Watch units and later with the Game Boy series of handhelds. One of the finest examples is the pocket-sized, folding, recharging Game Boy Advance SP. Released in February of 2003, the system blew away everything remotely resembling competition.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tank FAQ

Tank FAQ
Draft 2: 20080212


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (henceforth "GTA:SA" or just "SA") is a highly entertaining game - although you have to do a lot of work as a hood to unlock everything, there's even an awful lot of nonviolent things to do in the game. This is not a guide to those things. This is a guide to some of the fun things you can do with the tank-like "Rhino" vehicle in the game. While most vehicles are more or less interchangeable, the Rhino is one of those which is truly worthy of attention, as it has a cannon and can take an almost endless amount of damage. These characteristics make it the ideal vehicle to use for Vigilante mode, which provides the player a bonus when the appropriate level is achieved.

HOWTO: Restore Steam game backups on Linux/Wine

UPDATE 200802120955 PST: On my system (Ubuntu gutsy, wine-0.9.47) this seems to be working. I will leave this page up for posterity. --drink

Since about 0.9.13 or so Wine has been capable of running Steam and its attendant games, which includes items like Half-Life 2. However, steam backups don't seem to want to work properly.


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