CarPC power: via relay

When you're putting together a so-called "Car PC", by which we usually mean a contemporary ATX-derivative computer installed into an automobile, you have a few hurdles to cross. The enclosure, interface, storage devices, and even the power management all become special problems. The power problems can largely be solved through the use of a Wide Input picoPSU, but what about systems outside of a 120W envelope, or systems where you need to switch more than the PC power? The answer is just one typical automotive relay.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In film, it is common that sequels are inferior to the original, and only in certain rare situations do they ever surpass their inspiration. The constant march of technology that enables us to realize ever more complex worlds inside of the computer, however, has brought us a number of titles which have tended upwards as new titles are made. One such series is Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto, and one such title is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Compaq IPAQ C500 Legacy-Free PC

While this PC is largely uninteresting, at the moment www.accurateit.com has them for $25 shipped. They are coming with 128MB RAM, ~4GB disk, and a CMOS password. I envisioned using this system as a NAS, containing my 250GB disk. Sadly enough, this is currently my largest-capacity disk, and I have it connected to my laptop (my fastest machine, a 2.16GHz Core Duo-based HPQ mobile workstation with Quadro graphics) via USB2. Just making a high-volume data transfer between that disk and my internal drive can raise CPU consumption to as much as ten percent for sustained periods of time (although it's typically more like three to five percent.) While this is pretty minimal, it's entirely senseless. IEEE1394 has much lower overhead and superior throughput, but the connector on my system is tiny and thus annoying.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tank FAQ

Tank FAQ
Draft 2: 20080212


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (henceforth "GTA:SA" or just "SA") is a highly entertaining game - although you have to do a lot of work as a hood to unlock everything, there's even an awful lot of nonviolent things to do in the game. This is not a guide to those things. This is a guide to some of the fun things you can do with the tank-like "Rhino" vehicle in the game. While most vehicles are more or less interchangeable, the Rhino is one of those which is truly worthy of attention, as it has a cannon and can take an almost endless amount of damage. These characteristics make it the ideal vehicle to use for Vigilante mode, which provides the player a bonus when the appropriate level is achieved.

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