You don't need a page file. You need more RAM.

While smirking at CNET's Alfred Ng's response to advertising I browsed down to his tweet about a BSOD on a bus station terminal and thought hey, can I read this well enough to find out what the error is? Yep. It's KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR, which is exactly what it sounds like: an error in restoring a page of memory from the paging file to physical memory. And that's an error which you really should never see again.

Garbage Computers are Great!

For all my life, most of my computers have been hand-me-downs or upgrades. I've built a handful of PCs from scratch, but even most of the ones I built with new processors and motherboards had some hand-me-down parts. But it seems like recently a threshold was crossed where the computers available to just anyone (and not someone who knows "someone") for basically nothing began to be pretty good.

SMC "SMCWAPS-G" Storage/802.11g Access Point

Not so long ago I purchased a Belkin F5D7230-4 access point new in the box at a pawn shop. This seemed like a sweet little unit and just what I was looking for. While I'd like to put a customized release of Linux on an AP this isn't actually necessary to me, it only (potentially) provides additional functionality, so the Belkin unit was a potentially acceptable solution. Unfortunately, it demonstrated an inability to provide long uptimes (read: it locked up a lot) so I had to look for a replacement.

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