The Big Box of Art on Linux

I recently visited a garage sale and purchased an old clip art/stock image collection from "Hemera" called The Big Box of Art. While the (windows) software itself provides an index and a browser, I was only interested in using the images and none of the software. Unfortunately, the image files were in a passel of zip files and included two formats I was not sure how to handle; Windows Metafile (*.wmf) and "HPI" files.

How to make a Roadsign Font

If you want a road sign font, you can pay $800 (for the full set) or you can make your own. You also have several other options like Blue Highway or the roadgeek fonts, although the latter is often criticized for being poorly put together (badly authored.) The creator of that set simply traced the existing fonts. I have no idea why, because you can download the "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices" which contains all the outlines.

Simple recipe for custom Ubuntu/Debian repositories with apt-ftparchive

Debian-based Linux distributions, which use the .deb package format and the apt package management system, are relatively free from dependency hell and thus are generally a joy to use and maintain. However, in order to properly manage a local archive of packages you need to build a repository in which to keep them. This is the simplest recipe I know for putting together a HTTP repository.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is a high-quality Linux distribution based on Debian Linux. It provides various distributions customized to various purposes; Ubuntu, the "default" system, is based on GNOME. There are also Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE), Edubuntu (educational, and provides LTSP) and possibly other official distributions; depending on whether this page is outdated, a DFSG1-style distribution in which all source media must be Open-licensed, as in GPL, BSD, Creative Commons, and/or Public Domain only. In addition, Ubuntu provides absolutely the highest level of driver support (at the expense of Free Software "purity") including nVidia, ATI, Intel, and other manufacturer's binary drivers.

Installing Neverwinter Nights on Ubuntu Gutsy

I wanted to play Neverwinter Nights on Linux, and didn't have it installed anywhere. Today, the easiest way to install NWN for linux (by far) is to use the current installer from Bioware; you can even download the game content from them, although you will need your own registration code. The code from the Windows version works fine. However, I'm on a modem and downloading that much data is out of the question. It could take me days to download the patch, alone (I get 26.4kbps on average - life in the country is swell.)


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