Vista for Security? Never mind SELinux, NSA.

As a regular contributor to Katherine Noyes' Linux Blog Safari on Linux Insider, I was recently asked to comment on the NSA recommending Vista for best security. For those who don't already know, Vista is a train wreck, but the situation is at least slightly more insidious than simple stupidity.

Hack the Vote

Lately, technology-related news sites have been swamped with information on the fallibility of electronic voting machines. Diebold, whose president promised to do everything in his power to "deliver" Ohio's electoral college votes to Bush Jr. in the 2004 presidental election, is capable of making ATMs that are considered some of the most secure on the market but also built a voting machine that can be compromised in less than one minute by an unobserved attacker, to the point of actually executing uploaded code.


Sneakers (1992) is by far one of the best nerd movise ever made. The cast is all-star. The science, aside from the major premise of the movie (you have to be willing to suspend some disbelief to watch any hollywood movie; why not the overall premise? it wouldn't be any worse than what you have to do to yourself to watch Snakes on a Plane) is tight. The acting is top-notch. The plot is complicated enough to hold interest, but simple enough to be reasonable.


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