A distribution of Debian Linux which has become the most popular distribution in the world.

Making Minecraft 1.5 Pretty on Ubuntu Raring

I finally broke down and got Minecraft, even though I think Minetest is fairly excellent and getting better. Even though you pay Mojang for the game, making it polished takes at least a couple of mods and making it really slick takes a few more. I wrassled around with minecraft on Linux and found a decent set of bits which make the game pretty fancy. This guide assumes you've got minecraft successfully installed, but not too much else.

Manually pairing keyboard and mouse on Ubuntu Lucid

Recently I decided to give XBMC Live a try as the alternative to making my own Ubuntu install. I figured they might have it worked out to go a little faster. It looks as though I was right, and it's a great install so far as I can see, but I also discovered that they left out bluetooth. As probably the best cheap option for a good remote is a used Playstation 3 remote available at a gamestop near you for thirty bucks or less, this seems like an unfortunate omission. As I want to use a Logitech MX5000 keyboard hooked up to an MX900's USB Bluetooth dongle/mouse charging cradle, it was especially annoying.

Make Ubuntu use local (non-UTC) time

Ubuntu has set the system clock to UTC since the Intrepid Ibex (8.10.) I didn't notice because I had upgraded through several other versions. Using UTC for the system clock is cool if you don't dual-boot, but I do. The functionality exists in at least Vista and later to use UTC for the system clock, but I'm using XP and don't trust it to work even if it appears to.

Howto toggle dual monitors with nVidia on Linux

I have two LCDs and Ubuntu, and I want to use compositing so I can use Compiz. Xinerama still doesn't work with Composite outside of Xgl, which was deprecated some years ago. I want to play full screen games but they don't properly span monitors in many cases, even if that's what I wanted. What is needed then is a way to easily toggle the second monitor. I found it in the Ubuntu forums archive in the form of Disper.

Chromium on Ubuntu: Beta, not Daily!

I've been running Chromium on Ubuntu from the daily-build repository but recently it started failing to reach google when performing searches, so I switched to older builds via the beta builds archive. If your goal is to have a usable browser rather than to perform the valuable service of testing dailies, you should consider doing likewise.

Testing Lubuntu

Faced with failure from Ubuntu Lucid UNR 10.04 on my Gateway LT3201u "netbook" (11.something" 720p LED LCD makes it more of a subnotebook) I decided to try Lubuntu, a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. So far it has been an unqualified success; the ati video driver worked correctly and I have so-far-stable 720p, OpenGL-accelerated graphics. Compiz seems a little slower than on Karmic, but I haven't exactly done any benchmarking.

Moblin, Meego, and Ubuntu

Filled with dissatisfaction with windows, I set off on a quest to find a suitable Linux distribution for the Acer Aspire D250-1165. It came with Windows XP, but the performance was always less than impressive and Windows is a magnet for spyware and botnet clients. The machine is theoretically highly compatible and thus support should be simple, right?

Removing nvidia-glx-195 from Ubuntu Karmic x64

If you install nvidia-glx-195 drivers from Nvidia Vdpau Team PPA then you may have trouble removing them later due to packaging failure ;) Actually, the problem will crop up when you try to reinstall nvidia-glx-185. I had to do this because my GT 240 is unsupported under all versions of the driver, and while it works it locks up hard on anything later than -185.


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