12V compressor hack

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This was about as obvious and straightforward as you could imagine, and the picture more or less says everything, but I'll comment anyway. The original 120V compressor on this adorable little CH rig good for inflating or running an airbrush (really great for that actually, since it's got both a 100 psi cutoff switch and a regulator) broke its piston seal, probably as a result of extended runtime. So I got it at a yard sale for five bucks.

Hacking Magellan Maestro 4xxx series

At the Santa Cruz Flea Market I got, among other things, a Magellan Maestro 4050. I already have a slightly later unit, but this one has bluetooth. They run WinCE 5 which means most relevantly that they have persistent storage. WinCE 4 and earlier devices almost uniformly have only volatile memory, so when your battery runs out, your device resets itself to its factory settings. This was likely the best design decision Microsoft could have made, because WinCE 4 was an unreliable pile of debris that would corrupt its own installation at the slightest opportunity.

Hacking the Motorola V3i for long video clips

My employer formerly carried a cellphone plan for the employees, and debited the cost of phones and phone bills from pay checks. Naturally I elected to utilize this plan, and I got myself a Motorola V555 and a one-year plan. Yesterday, we had to switch over to our very own plans, as work was no longer interested in administering them. We were given the opportunity, however, to put a phone upgrade into our paychecks (coming out in two payments.) I informed the nice people from Edge that I was not interested as they did not have the RAZR V3i, at which point they informed me that they had got it about a week and a half ago (just after I last checked to see if they had it yet) and a nice man would be along in about fifteen minutes with a bag full of them.

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