Dear Amazon

I would like to be watching The Grand Tour on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, but your latest update has completely boned it and just trying to watch basically anything from Amazon is absolutely destroying it to the point that I have to cold boot it. Netflix and Youtube are working fine. Is this a divorce thing?


fvfield is a flash video field for CCK. Unlike other modules it has no dependencies but the player (although it is much nicer with upload.module) and the player itself is Free-as-in-speech and not just -as-in-beer-for-non-commercial-use. In fact it is the same player used by the video.module, but you don't need three modules just to get flash working. So far, fvfield is very limited and the only configuration options involve where to find the player and which one to use. But it does let you get up and running with flash video on your site, pronto.
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I decided that like every other website on the planet seems to, mine should support flash video. I don't actually have enough bandwidth with my current provider to make much of it, but I was determined to have it anyway. Unfortunately, the flashvideo module uses a nonfree flash video player (it is free only for noncommercial use, which is an extremely hazy term) and the video module just wouldn't work for me. Actually, the flashvideo module didn't work either, it wasn't even attempting to display the content. I had originally planned to add FlowPlayer (the player used by video.module, actually, which is under the Apache license) support to the flashvideo.module but when it didn't seem to want to generate any kind of useful output I gave up and began writing my own module. Note that there is not necessarily anyone to blame for any of this and even if there was every one of these problems might be solved by now.

Fun with Cinelerra

Cinelerra (whose domain is reminiscent more of a porn site than a software site) bills itself as a "Movie studio in a Linux Box". In reality, when it comes to getting it going from the sources it's a headache in a Linux box. They do provide information on building cinelerra, but I warn you now, the site is slower than the target of a slashdotting (and I assure you, it's not my connection - I think a modem could outrun them.) The documentation tells you nothing about dependencies other than that you will need nasm and yasm to build the software, but the download page features a longish list of applications.

Hacking the Motorola V3i for long video clips

My employer formerly carried a cellphone plan for the employees, and debited the cost of phones and phone bills from pay checks. Naturally I elected to utilize this plan, and I got myself a Motorola V555 and a one-year plan. Yesterday, we had to switch over to our very own plans, as work was no longer interested in administering them. We were given the opportunity, however, to put a phone upgrade into our paychecks (coming out in two payments.) I informed the nice people from Edge that I was not interested as they did not have the RAZR V3i, at which point they informed me that they had got it about a week and a half ago (just after I last checked to see if they had it yet) and a nice man would be along in about fifteen minutes with a bag full of them.


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