Who Needs Gates?

One of the things we love to talk about on Slashdot is, of course, Bill Gates. Here's a little something I tossed off in response to a slashdot comment I found particularly repulsive, defending some of the less defendable actions of the Gates foundation. (See Dark Cloud over Good Works of Gates Foundation.) I mirror it here as an essential polemic on evil :p

Microsoft Xbox

When Sega and Microsoft announced that the latter would help the former with the Dreamcast, everyone knew it would be trouble. When Microsoft announced that they would be entering the video game market, the shape of the trouble became evident. But much to the surprise of basically everyone, Microsoft actually managed to assemble a fairly compelling entry into the video game market. And to the surprise and joy of hackers and gamers everywhere, they left big wide holes in the system's security, enabling gamers to twist the unit to their own ends. The resulting hardware is worthy of being in almost every home for one reason or another, even if you never play a single game.

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