Motorola RAZR V3i

Cellular telephones have become something of a necessity in the modern world. These days it can be hard to even find a pay phone, and it costs you fifty cents to make a call. Even on some moderately expensive prepaid cellular, that's a five minute call from a cellphone, and you can make it without even getting out of your car, and it can be long distance.

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Hacking the Motorola V3i for long video clips

My employer formerly carried a cellphone plan for the employees, and debited the cost of phones and phone bills from pay checks. Naturally I elected to utilize this plan, and I got myself a Motorola V555 and a one-year plan. Yesterday, we had to switch over to our very own plans, as work was no longer interested in administering them. We were given the opportunity, however, to put a phone upgrade into our paychecks (coming out in two payments.) I informed the nice people from Edge that I was not interested as they did not have the RAZR V3i, at which point they informed me that they had got it about a week and a half ago (just after I last checked to see if they had it yet) and a nice man would be along in about fifteen minutes with a bag full of them.

Cook an egg with a cellular phone? I think not.

I spend a lot of time on Slashdot and today there was a story entitled HOWTO, Cook an Egg With Your Cell Phone. It linked to an article - hopefully a humorous one - claiming you can cook an egg with a cellular phone in two minutes. Those who use a cellular phone and haven't yet cooked their head after hours and hours of talking on it are surely wondering how this can be.

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