Preview OpenELEC 3 for Raspberry Pi right now

I wanted to run OpenELEC 3 to get XBMC 12 "Frodo" because cancel works, which is to say that I've never previously been able to cancel actions like browsing a SMB server and I've been running XBMC since it was XBMP. To make a long story short, OpenELEC 2.99.2 (RC2) has nonworking bluetooth. Some have reported success with 2.99.1 but that didn't work for me either. But as of yesterday (20130206) there is a dev build that does work, and I have installed it.

Patches and Updates for the img_assist.module

I've been working on a patch for the img_assist.module that allows you to easily link uploaded images (using image.module, and upload.module, or compatible) into other node types. The img_assist.module is quite dandy and more or less indispensible in my book, but it is missing some very important features. img_assist.module only allows you to use certain predefined sizes (whatever's defined for images, that is smaller than img_assist.module's maximum size) and a custom size. It also only gives you two alignment options: float left, and float right.


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