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ssh on android without connectbot

If you look for advice on an ssh client for Android you will invariably be told to install ConnectBot. Unfortunately, this program terminates ssh connections as soon as it makes them on my Nook Simple Touch. Therefore it cannot be used. KBOX Terminal doesn't work on it either. I don't want to install full Debian. What's left? SSHDroid is your answer; if you install a terminal emulator so you can get to it. SSHDroid is powered by dropbear, and it includes the ssh client.

W126 300SD Rear Spring Replacement

On my last visit to the tire shop for my '82 300SD I got some Dorals (I thought they were cigarettes, but they're also an Indonesian tire) and an alignment. Turned out one of my braking support rod bushings was going, and also that my rear springs were shot. Consequently I have just replaced them. I spent half the day trying to use a spring compressor and the other half of the day doing the job right. Short form, drop the rear of the subframe and they will fall out.

Manually pairing keyboard and mouse on Ubuntu Lucid

Recently I decided to give XBMC Live a try as the alternative to making my own Ubuntu install. I figured they might have it worked out to go a little faster. It looks as though I was right, and it's a great install so far as I can see, but I also discovered that they left out bluetooth. As probably the best cheap option for a good remote is a used Playstation 3 remote available at a gamestop near you for thirty bucks or less, this seems like an unfortunate omission. As I want to use a Logitech MX5000 keyboard hooked up to an MX900's USB Bluetooth dongle/mouse charging cradle, it was especially annoying.


The fun, it burns. And it never stops, either.

In the last few days the Ford's had new batteries and some cable soldering work done, eliminating two of the four lead terminals and replacing them with the stamped steel lead-free style. The Mercedes, meanwhile, has had an '83 (or was it '84?) W123 300D turbo rebuilt and installed, along with a manual boost controller, W123 air filter housing which I still need to modify to take the W126 cold air intake, and VDO boost and voltage gauges. The voltage gauge is just something I had around, and it's taking up space until I get a VDO pyrometer to go in there; it's never a good idea to turn your turbo up without a pyro.

Hypocrisy in the USA

Less than 12 hours after opening, the Obama administration’s “virtual embassy” in Iran was blocked by Tehran’s digital gatekeepers on Wednesday. [...] White House spokesman Jay Carney condemned the blockage in a statement Wednesday evening, saying the Iranian government had “again demonstrated its commitment to build an electronic curtain of surveillance and censorship around its people.”

Unfortunately, he was a terrible hypocrite who, if there was any justice, would have seen his tongue fall out of his mouth.


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