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Why all the GPL hate?

Lately there has been a lot of nonsense (as I see it, ho ho) going around about the GPL. Perhaps it's just that the people who dislike it are becoming more outspoken, but many people are saying that they have recently come to believe that the GPL must necessarily spell the end of all software companies, the loss of zillions of jobs, and so on and so forth. I believe this is all a lot of hooey. The following material is (currently) the culmination of a long and involved thread on the subject on Google+; I will spare you a link as this is probably the most cogent contribution I made to the conversation anyway. Content after the break.


Micro-review: Fable III

Fable III is a cute little game that tries over and over again to sell you stuff. At the same time it tries to train aspies to interact with their fellow humans by vibrating their genitals (the controller is in your lap, right?) when they say nice things to people. It's filled with bugs and glitches and the camera is retarded. At the end, it tries to sell you some more stuff. Two of five stars. Fable II was better in most ways.

Fable 3

The internets are full of people just crying about how the end of Fable 3 is hard and/or takes time to get a satisfactory ending. Didn't they play Fable 2? If you need money you just stop going on story-advancing quests and go make money. Don't be such whiners. I guess this is what happens when you make a game more realistic — a lot of twisted knickers.

More maintenance a'comin'

With the heat coming on I decided to browse through eBay for A/C compressors, rebuilt or what have you, and found that a new compressor is about the same price as a reman, at least from buyautoparts.com. This is partly due to where I bought it (everyone else seems to want more) but also because it's a common GM axial compressor which is used on many vehicles. It's a really small little sucker that can turn 7,000 RPM, and Mercedes wisely used a V-belt pulley which makes it easy to source.

I'm Bushed

Well, it wasn't 102 like yesterday, but it was a pretty hot one here at about 96. Around 10 AM, as it really started to warm up, I decided to take on a couple of simple W126 300SD repair tasks: steering damper replacement, and shift bushing replacement. These are both conceptually simple jobs, and replacing the steering damper is even simple in actuality. The shift bushing replacement is a little trickier, but I had purchased a parts kit that made it at least reasonable.

ssh on android without connectbot

If you look for advice on an ssh client for Android you will invariably be told to install ConnectBot. Unfortunately, this program terminates ssh connections as soon as it makes them on my Nook Simple Touch. Therefore it cannot be used. KBOX Terminal doesn't work on it either. I don't want to install full Debian. What's left? SSHDroid is your answer; if you install a terminal emulator so you can get to it. SSHDroid is powered by dropbear, and it includes the ssh client.

W126 300SD Rear Spring Replacement

On my last visit to the tire shop for my '82 300SD I got some Dorals (I thought they were cigarettes, but they're also an Indonesian tire) and an alignment. Turned out one of my braking support rod bushings was going, and also that my rear springs were shot. Consequently I have just replaced them. I spent half the day trying to use a spring compressor and the other half of the day doing the job right. Short form, drop the rear of the subframe and they will fall out.


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