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Preview OpenELEC 3 for Raspberry Pi right now

I wanted to run OpenELEC 3 to get XBMC 12 "Frodo" because cancel works, which is to say that I've never previously been able to cancel actions like browsing a SMB server and I've been running XBMC since it was XBMP. To make a long story short, OpenELEC 2.99.2 (RC2) has nonworking bluetooth. Some have reported success with 2.99.1 but that didn't work for me either. But as of yesterday (20130206) there is a dev build that does work, and I have installed it.

Mercedes Bushwhacking

When a one day job becomes a two day job because a part is incorrectly specified or otherwise wrong, you can be sure that you are having an excellent time. When the new self-locking nut intended to retain one end of my driver's side front suspension carrier sheared away from its magical captive shim during yesterday's automotive repair attempt, I knew that I was in for a really good time.

Apple's hidden camera patents

I haven't even read 1984 but I know what a Telescreen is; a fictional-cum-real display that doesn't just show you images, but sees you, too. While this is clearly a useful device, not knowing whether you're being watched is a worrying possibility. And Apple Computer, self-appointed guardian of virtue, has not one or two but three patents designed to permit a display to watch the watcher.

How to access Sharp LCD TV service menu

Various online resources say to hold down INPUT and VOL- on the remote while plugging in the TV. This doesn't work, at least on mine. Hold them down on the TV while plugging in the TV, that works. Then you press VOL- and CHAN- on the TV, to get into the menu. Channel buttons select, volume buttons alter.

Replaced the F250's wiper motor

Ever since I got it, my 1992 F250 has had a bad wiper motor. The symptom, which can be caused by several different kinds of faults, is that it didn't "park". That is to say, the switch turned the wiper motor on and off, regardless of setting. High speed always worked, but park never did. I proved that the motor was the problem by taking off the cover and cleaning the contacts, and having it work for a short time. Rather than fight corrosion and continually shave switch contacts, I decided to drop the forty bucks retail on a new window motor.

How to identify a touch screen (or mouse?) protocol with gpm

Install gpm (e.g. aptitude install gpm for Debian, Ubuntu, etc.) and run the following as root (you can sudo bash first)

( for i in `gpm -t types`; do sudo gpm -m /dev/input/whatever -t $i -T -D; done ) 2>&1 | tee /tmp/gpm.log

(where "whatever" is the device you're trying to identify.) Now press the left button or the touch screen repeatedly. Some drivers will spit out a lot of this:


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