Despite the broad appeal of an open future, some people will oppose it. The power-hungry, the intolerant idealists, and a handful of sheer people-haters will find the prospect of freedom and diversity repugnant. The question is, will they shape public policy?
— K. Eric Drexler
Engines of Creation

Facebook doesn't want you to know why Jeanne Mansfield was Maced at the Wall Street Protests

I posted the Boston Review story Why I Was Maced at the Wall Street Protests by Jeanne Mansfield to my Facebook wall, and it faithfully appeared ("via Links") on my wall. When my friends saw the update, however, they did not get the link. So I posted it again, and the same thing happened. And I posted the URL in a comment, and the comment disappeared. So then I posted the URL with spaces in it in another comment, and the comment did not disappear. Facebook is deliberately filtering comments containing the URL for the story.

Who Needs Gates?

One of the things we love to talk about on Slashdot is, of course, Bill Gates. Here's a little something I tossed off in response to a slashdot comment I found particularly repulsive, defending some of the less defendable actions of the Gates foundation. (See Dark Cloud over Good Works of Gates Foundation.) I mirror it here as an essential polemic on evil :p


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