It has been remarked time and again that stupid people reliably breed more copiously than the intelligent. While the situation is more complex than this, one does have to wonder if, in a thousand years, the world will be populated exclusively by idiots. While this theme has been explored exhaustively in all types of media (as well as the great experiment we call "Earth") it has never received so brilliant a treatment as in Idiocracy, a comedy from Mike Judge (Ren and Stimpy, King of the Hill). Starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph, Idiocracy is the story of a military experiment into human hibernation gone awry, and the future into which it goes. Five hundred years from the data of the movie's release, in the year 2505, humanity's tendency toward stupidity has resulted in a world in which an average - okay, well, he is a bit sensitive - guy's medical diagnosis is that his "shit is all retarded" and that he "talks like a fag".

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