Schwartz on Beer

I wrote the entire text of Intermediate Perl while sitting at a brewpub in Beaverton, Oregon, always having been under the influence of at least two pints of their ale. It has been called my "best writing ever". I daresay that many of my 255 Perl columns were also written under similar circumstances. For me, to "concentrate" to write seems to require some sort of chemical influence. Otherwise, I get easily distracted by shiny objects, and can't "concentrate".
— Randal L. Schwartz

A Simple perl-based cron.php Fetcher for Drupal

I originally posted this on here but I wrote it, so here it is.

I just ran into a fun problem: I installed a VMware LAMP appliance and it turns out it doesn't have lynx, links, curl, or wget. What to do? Luckily, it has perl. The following perl script grabs cron.php from localhost and prints the job's status to STDOUT.


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