Farewell, Ouya

I thought about actually titling this piece RIP, Ouya but thought hey, let's save the hyperbole for the body. What's actually happening is that I'm taking my Ouya back to Gamestop and washing my hands of this whole experience. Maybe I'll buy one used later, when the Mad Catz console comes out and they all end up on eBay for a song; by then perhaps there will be a CM port. Unfortunately, the Ouya console is deficient in basically every area.

Hardware in the hand is worth putting in the bush

Today I replaced the passenger-side braking support rod bushing on my 1982 300SD. The job didn't go so well on the driver's side, because I attempted to use all of the specified replacement hardware. Unfortunately, Meyle is currently delivering substandard and improper hardware for remounting the bushing carrier, with the effect that the nut shears off of its captive shim and causes you to live in a world of hurt. Using the original hardware with some red thread locker seems to be a workable solution; I've done it on the other side with good results, and now I've done it on both sides. In the process, I also learned that one can trivially press the new bushing in with the old hardware.

Hey nVidia, what happened?

Hey, nVidia, what has happened to your drivers lately? They seem to have all the quality I expect from ATI drivers. I have new problems I didn't have before my last Linux driver upgrade. What, exactly is wrong over there, and what can I do to help short of buying a $600 graphics card from you? Sincerely, formerly a rabid pro-nVidia, anti-AMD Linux user.

Direct Buy Wood and Bamboo Flooring FAIL

I was pricing some bamboo flooring so I checked out everyone's website that doesn't totally fall down when Javascript is disabled, and one of the places I ended up viewing was After you install some personal information they let you know they want some money for shipping their flooring samples; they wanted almost ten bucks for some little scraps of wood. So I checked a radio button that said "delete my information and send nothing" and went on my merry way.

Sears Service == Incompetent

Last June 5th we broke down and bought an air conditioner. We went to Sears to buy it, because they had 'em and nobody else in town has much selection. This turned out to be a gigantic mistake. We used it throughout the summer, and then put it away in the back room. When I brought it back out the GFCI-equipped power cord's breaker decided to blow every time the unit was plugged in. I figured it was just the cord. The girl I talked to on the phone said that servicemen carry that kind of part with them, which turned out to be a lie, shock amazement.

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