SSL enabled

Today I enabled SSL on this host, using a self-signed cert. It's some $45/year to get a properly signed one, and I'm not sure it's really worth it, so I went ahead and self-signed. If I ever start taking credit card payments, and not just using paypal (once I even get ecommerce module working properly) then I'll probably change my mind. Regardless, you can now access this site via https if you would like to be stealthy. It would be better for the freedom of the common man if all traffic were encrypted, so I like to encourage every possible use of encryption.

drupal upgrades, and more

Today I upgraded Drupal from 4.6.x to 4.7.x. This came with some special problems, but none of them were in drupal itself, but in modules. To wit, the ecommerce module summoned satan all over itself; it is using the new method in drupal where modules can create their own database tables, and it's not creating them all. I went so far as to disable all the modules, manually remove the tables, and then put the modules back in - which changed nothing. I wasn't actually selling anything anyway, so I went ahead and kept the upgrade.

Subaru Upgradage

A little while back I got an intake off ebay, with the description "93-01 IMPREZA BAJA LEGACY FORESTER AIR INTAKE W/FILTER". Turns out it was a 97-01 intake, the intake manifold and/or throttle body changed somewhat in there and things have moved. This made the job considerably more "fun" than it should have been...

Mercedes go Boom

Last Tuesday I crashed my Mercedes. I was behind a guy who wouldn't get over, he went extra-slow around a turn which put me on his ass, then he hit the brakes. He had ABS, I didn't. I bent his bumper, the front of my 300SD was pretty-well mangled, though it seems repairable. He said we would simply deal with the issue between us, and then called my insurance company.

Luckily, I was not left without a car for long...

Fun with Mercedes

The day before yesterday, I replaced the thermostat on my 300SD. Every time I work on this vehicle I have it shoved in my face that it's meant to be serviced on a lift, and only on a lift. I actually went and bought ramps for this job, which only works because my driveway slants down, and I put the ramps there, somewhat leveling the vehicle (it was still down slightly in front.)


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