The third-largest state in the United States of America, California is both the most populous state and the state with the greatest economic production, in part due to the inclusion of both Hollywood and the Silicon Valley.

PG&E and Fires

I have been involved in a discussion about why PG&E is responsible for the damage from wildfires which they started by poorly maintaining their equipment, and the trees around it. The story is somewhat complicated, although the basic facts are actually fairly simple. There is enough blame to go around, but to understand it you first have to understand the setting.

On Land Area

Sometimes, people claim that Europe is tiny compared to the US, often when talking about public transportation, or about electrical power distribution, or internet access proliferation. These people are wrong. Here are the figures, retrieved from teh goog.

  • Area of Europe: 3.931M mi²
  • Area of US: 3.797M mi².
  • Area of continental US: 3.12M mi².

RV weight limits in California

I recently found myself looking at school buses, for potential conversion into an RV. While there are many relevant criteria to be satisfied when making such a purchase, probably the most important is "will I be able to drive it?" I am not so concerned about physically being able to operate a bus, only legally. Most school buses in which I am interested have a GVWR over 26,000 pounds, which normally requires an upgraded, "Class B" license in California (and similar licensing in most other states.) But as it turns out, this is simpler than it seems at first.

Comfort Inn in Concord on Clayton--

The following is an alternate version (a bit more wordy) of a review I wrote for travelpost about a visit to Comfort Inn at 5370 Clayton road in Concord, CA.

My lady stayed in this place and said she hated it, but we tried to get a place up the road and all the rooms were booked. It must have been because everyone else knew about this place, because it's Feb. 20th and nothing special is going on here. This is by far the LOUDEST hotel I've stayed in, which includes venues in Santa Cruz and Las Vegas. Outside noise is absolutely intolerable, and because of the neighborhood this place is in you can expect to hear loud engines, tires screeching, and horns honking all night (I did.)


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