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Crimson Skies

Crimson Skies is a game for PC and Xbox which is based on the classic tabletop game by FASA. This writeup covers the PC version, which was developed by Zipper Interactive and published by Microsoft. The game is a flight "simulator" with arcade-style physics - meaning that it bears little to no resemblance to actually flying an airplane. The planes in question are all prop-driven with WWII-inspired designs, including an assortment of fighter craft with and without turrets, a bomber, and even an autogyro. Each plane handles differently, with variation in lift, speed, and turning ability. Players can design their own planes both inside the single player campaign and also for the "instant action" mode in which you fly scenarios, and for network play. Net play is essentially always LAN play but Microsoft provides a matching service on the MSN Gaming Zone. The Xbox version supports Xbox Live and while (supposedly) using essentially the same engine as the PC game, is laid out quite differently, with a different story, (somewhat) different planes, different missions, and different gameplay.

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Freespace 2 Modding

One of the most excellent elements of the game Freespace 2 Open (or of course the original, Volition's Freespace 2) is the capacity for modifications. It is possible to develop an entire campaign of missions which string together into a story, to modify or create ships and weapons, to script FS2 in Lua, and to do any number of other fairly amazing things with it. But by far the most common is to create new missions. In this article I'll give a brief explanation of some details of modding that I learned developing my first non-simple mission.

Freespace 2 Open Campaign Modules

Freespace 2 is one of the finest space combat flight "simulators" that has ever been made, and Freespace 2 Open, a product of The Freespace 2 Source Code Project (SCP) is a truly excellent free, Open Source version which you can play on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. But what happens when you have played it? There's multiplayer support, so there is theoretically infinite replay value, but there may come a time when you can't or don't want to play versus other humans, and have already exhausted the campaign. What to do?

Freespace 2: MediaVPs lllustrated

MediaVPs (or Media VPs, or MVPs, etc etc) are VP modules for Freespace 2 Open (a product of The Freespace 2 Source Code Project) which alter, improve, or even repair certain aspects of the game. They come in various pieces which can be downloaded and installed incrementally and individually, and they are (like the rest of the game) absolutely free. They represent an attempt to bring Freespace 2 into the "modern age". On this page I will provide example screenshots for comparison of what the game looks like with various portions of the MediaVPs, with default options or with some options specified, et cetera.


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