Another Big Fat Lie

Here it comes, another attempt to conflate fats and sugars. This is the same lie the NIH and the USDA have been telling since the 1970s, supposedly for our health, but ostensibly to support companies like Nabisco which sell mass loads of sugar and starch. Eating lard will lower your cholesterol count if you don't spread it on toast.

What to eat on the Atkins Diet

Back in 2002 I made a writeup on the Atkins Diet on Everything2. This prompted several requests for what I tended to eat during the course of the day. Sometimes it's a sad tale indeed, because at the time I was a poor student on a tight budget. The following article is a copy of that original article, which I intend to expand as time goes by - I am about to go on the diet for the second time. For the record, I am currently about 80 pounds lighter than I was when I went on it the first time, even though I've been off of it for years now. Read on for the goods.

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