Another Big Fat Lie

Here it comes, another attempt to conflate fats and sugars. This is the same lie the NIH and the USDA have been telling since the 1970s, supposedly for our health, but ostensibly to support companies like Nabisco which sell mass loads of sugar and starch. Eating lard will lower your cholesterol count if you don't spread it on toast. Sugar is *physically* addictive because your body produces insulin in a rush when you consume a lot of it at once, and your brain becomes resistant over time. Why is fat addictive?

Back in 2002, Gary Taubes wrote an article entitled What if it's all Been a Big Fat Lie for the NYT that still does by far the best job describing the government's assault on good health with tools like the food pyramid. Sweets are just another carbohydrate and should be lumped in with breads, while fats deserve their own category — and to be a major source of caloric intake. But there's not as much money to be made marking up meats as there is in inventing prepared foods made with subsidized HFCS.

With that said, I love crullers and french fries, but these are examples of the very worst kind of food for you... nom nom