Buying from DealExtreme

In the world of computers there are innumerable small devices which cost practically nothing to make and which typically cost a ton of cash when you buy them retail, especially adapters and cables. The internet has driven down the price of such devices by making them more readily available, and you can get widgets to adapt all kinds of signals into all kinds of other signals. Still, there are low prices, and there are really low prices, and there are really low prices with no shipping charges, which brought me to DealExtreme. The story, unfortunately, is not entirely a happy one.

Now That's Service

I am a frequent customer of Computer Geeks, aka They sell computer hardware, and a bit of software, and some random electronic crap thrown in for good measure - some of which is pretty exciting. My latest purchase was a 3.5" USB 2.0/IEEE 1394 FireWire Aluminum Ext Hard Drive Case which is a cute little shiny aluminum number. Unfortunately, it has a heat problem and shuts down after a couple of minutes.

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