Making Assassins Creed: Unity Play OK

Assassins Creed is a really nifty psuedohistorical series of parcourt assassination games, and Assassins Creed: Unity is one of the recent entries in the series — which was included in a Humble Bundle of most of the titles. This post is not a news flash. It is a summary I'm writing because I don't want to have to track this information down again, distilled from a couple of pages I found googling.

Upgrading to Polyurethane Tension Control Rod Bushings on the S13 240SX

The tension control rod is the part of the front suspension which keeps the lower control arm from moving forward and backward. Actually, it causes it to move by a specified amount around a fixed point at the front of the car. At this point there is a bushing, the only alternative being a ball joint, as it must flex in two directions at once.

Tweaking Windows XP

I was reading through a story on Slashdot that made reference to an old system.ini entry for Windows 9x that tells Windows to do its level best not to use the paging file, AKA swap space. This has no relevance to Windows NT; however, there are some similar registry settings that do work in NT.

One reference I located doing subsequent searches is Martin Krohn's Windows XP Tweaking Guide. This has numerous handy tweaks; I will boil the ones I intend to actually use down here, as this (or a subsequent blog post) will be a kind of worksheet explaining what I did and what did and didn't work.

Engine Balancing

Engine Balancing refers to the process of balancing the rotating assembly of an internal combustion engine. This consists of the [[crankshaft]], [[connecting rod]]s, and [[piston]]s. It is considered a mandatory upgrade for the tuning of naturally aspirated engines, as it decreases vibration, thus increasing efficiency, allowing the engine to rev higher, thus potentially producing more power. To take advantage of the higher rev limit, the cams are usually changed so that power is made at higher engine speeds.
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