Pogoplug V4 Redux: Pogoplug Office

Once upon a time, a Marvell developed a product called the Sheevaplug to drum up interest for their "Kirkwood" ARM-compatible CPU line. This was a complete linux system hidden in a wall wart, whose design they gave away as a reference. This led to a number of Sheevaplug-based devices hitting the market, including the PogoPlug, a line of cheap NAS devices which are all based on the Sheevaplug design with various single-core Marvell CPUs. They are now discontinuing not only that line but also the service for the same, so the devices are cheaper than ever before right now, and this is a great time to pick one up — I got one for $13.

Install GoogleCL on Windows

GoogleCL is a python-based command-line utility for accessing Google. It uses gdata-python-client for the google interface. No Windows release is planned, but this is largely irrelevant because python runs fine on Windows, and so do gdata-python-client and GoogleCL. Here are simple instructions for installing GoogleCL under Windows.

Simple recipe for custom Ubuntu/Debian repositories with apt-ftparchive

Debian-based Linux distributions, which use the .deb package format and the apt package management system, are relatively free from dependency hell and thus are generally a joy to use and maintain. However, in order to properly manage a local archive of packages you need to build a repository in which to keep them. This is the simplest recipe I know for putting together a HTTP repository.

Installing Windows XP on Dell Vostro 1500

Led by Obi Bok's Linux Tune-Up Guide "Slipstreaming Windows CD under Linux" I was able to get an XP Install going on the Dell Vostro 1500. My lady bought this system (1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 160 GB disk, DVD burner) on sale for $600 (with intel wifi and dell bluetooth) and it's pretty sweet, and well-designed for the modern age, it even has slots which can accept a storage cache card for vista (not that we got any of those.) Vista, unfortunately, is a dog, so the goal was to install Windows XP.

Putting PC-GEOS on the GRiDPad 1910

Putting GEOS on a GRiDPad 1910 is fairly trivial, assuming you can get the files there in the first place. I sent an email to someone back in 1995 which says most of the same things I say here, but I may have left something out of one file or the other. You can find the file attached to the bottom of this node as "geosinst.txt". The best way to go about all this is to use Palm Connect, if you have access to it - This is PC-GEOS 2.0, which came with a serial cable that connected a Zoomer to a PC. (The same cable, with a null modem adapter and a gender changer, lets you hook up printers, modems and whatnot to your zoomer.) The big deal about THIS particular revision of PC-GEOS is that it comes with handwriting recognition, a notepad app that's fairly decent, a datebook, and a phone directory.

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