Frequent Ford "Fun"

Yesterday I reinstalled my drive shaft. The carrier shaft center bearing had failed, and sidelined the Ford until I got it replaced. This is a non-trivial job that often requires the loving touch of a driveline shop; on some vehicles the bearing can be trivially replaced, but on most (including this one) it must be pressed on and off.

Driver Returned On Ford

On my way up Cobb Mountain I started hearing and feeling click/thump noises from somewhere in the middle of the truck. It turned out that the carrier shaft bearing's rubber isolator had failed, probably because of added vibration because a bolt was falling out. I was lucky enough to have an appropriate wrench handy, and made it home; as long as you are very gentle on the accelerator you can even go up hills with the isolator broken, but jam that pedal and THUMP THUMP THUMP as the bearing bounces around in the bracket.

As the Ford Drips

While I was gone, Rob was trying to use my truck to haul other trucks, with my permission of course. Unfortunately, every time he tried to take it out, it had some kind of problem. Notably, a bad ground produced smoke during an attempt to start, and the radiator failed around the cap neck. Luckily, at this time he had a parts truck, and so he replaced the ground and also set aside a radiator for me (as well as a winch mount bumper and a new tow hitch which isn't unusually long.) Yesterday I did this radiator swap.


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