Ford F250 3G Alternator Upgrade

As a veteran owner of used vehicles, I am more than a little used to encountering automotive problems. When my Ford's charging system idiot light began to flash at low RPMs, I knew I had a serious problem coming my way. When it picked up to doing it on a regular basis, I realized that the problem had arrived, and unless I wanted to be buying a pair of deep-cycle batteries, I should find a solution, probably in the form of an alternator replacement. After doing a little research, I decided to install a later-model Ford alternator.

My 1992 F250 Diesel

Some time ago I acquired a 1992 F250 XLT Super Cab Diesel 4x4 with ATS 088 Turbo kit, a good runner but with the suspension shot to hell — the shocks were physically beat and the front springs arced to the point where the vehicle spent most of its road time on the bump stops. In addition, the vehicle needed new rubber, was having charging problems, made terrible banging noises from the rear when driven over bumps, and developed a loud vibration at about 60 mph. In spite of all this, it was something of a steal at $2600 with a good, working turbocharger and 4WD parts, including some recently-installed stainless steel hubs. This is the tale of my ownership so far.


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