SMC "SMCWAPS-G" Storage/802.11g Access Point

Not so long ago I purchased a Belkin F5D7230-4 access point new in the box at a pawn shop. This seemed like a sweet little unit and just what I was looking for. While I'd like to put a customized release of Linux on an AP this isn't actually necessary to me, it only (potentially) provides additional functionality, so the Belkin unit was a potentially acceptable solution. Unfortunately, it demonstrated an inability to provide long uptimes (read: it locked up a lot) so I had to look for a replacement.

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SanDisk 1 GB Cruzer Micro with U3

Today, the floppy drive has been all but supplanted (but for efforts of crufty computer manufacturers who can't figure out how to make a BIOS CD or update BIOS from Windows) by the USB pen drive. Based on FLASH RAM storage and today coming in capacities well over 8GB, and with higher and higher speeds provided in part by the USB2 interface and in part by new, parallel-access flash controllers which stripe reads and writes across multiple flash chips, so-called "USB thumb drives" can be used for all kinds of applications beyond moving of files. Many of them still have a removable cap which is easy to lost, but the SanDisk Cruzer Micro series has a slide-out USB-A connector which solves this problem entirely.

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