Mindcad Tiler

As you may or may not know, I am something of a Mac hater. I think Apple blew it so badly with this whole OSX thing that the whole company should just be shot into space and forgotten. But I do use one on a daily basis at my place of employment for graphic arts work before the former graphic artist was a Mac person, and I ended up in their position (in addition to my other work. Whee!)

Recently, I wanted to print a document across multiple pages. Not a big deal, of course. A little quick googling turned up an excellent Freeware (as-in-beer) program called MindCAD Tiler. This is a snazzy little application for printing PDFs across multiple sheets. It's smart enough to know your printable area/margin (from the PPD) so it can properly break the print at the edge of the printable area.

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