One of the world's largest nations on one of the world's largest land masses, China has a great record for making cheap electronics and a lousy record on human rights. This ostensibly socialist fascist dictatorship is the only nation in the world to officially execute more people than the USA per capita - you can die for cheating on your taxes there.

2006 Chinese Death Van

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What do you do when you're just overloaded with executions, and people are smuggling highly mediapathic video clips of mob-style firearm executions out of your country and showing them to people like Amnesty International, when you're dealing with a primarily rural-living population and you need a decentralized infrastructure? That's right! You build DEATH VANS!

MG Rover

MG Rover is a conglomeration of two of the UK's most venerable brands - obviously, MG and Rover. It is currently owned by Nanjing Automobile of China; they paid only 53 million pounds for the majority of their assets. Nanjing is reopening the plant at MG's home in Longbridge, and also plans to open an American branch in Oklahoma, US; a US plant is planned, as is a plant in China.

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