Heat Sources for Campers and RVs (Or anywhere)

If you plan to live where you need supplemental heat, you will need a heater. If your space is bigger than a closet, or colder than a refrigerator, the trick with the candles and the clay pots isn't going to cut it. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, but what are they? What's the up and down side to each fuel source?

Wooden Gantry Crane

When I was offered a $300 1998 A8 Quattro parts car (for my 1997) I leapt at the chance. By the time I got it home, though, I thought better of my plan to swap the electrical harness from that car to my car, and decided that I would swap the transmission from the old car into the "parts" car because it was in such better shape. But this presented a problem — how do I pull the engine and transmission out of one car, and put it into the next, given my lack of a perfectly flat and level place to work? The answer as I see it is to build an A-Frame or a gantry.

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