I'm Bushed

Well, it wasn't 102 like yesterday, but it was a pretty hot one here at about 96. Around 10 AM, as it really started to warm up, I decided to take on a couple of simple W126 300SD repair tasks: steering damper replacement, and shift bushing replacement. These are both conceptually simple jobs, and replacing the steering damper is even simple in actuality. The shift bushing replacement is a little trickier, but I had purchased a parts kit that made it at least reasonable.


The word transmission refers to a transfer of something. In this case, that is kinetic energy. In basically every automobile, a rotational force (whether produced from a reciprocating motion, such as in a typical gasoline engine with pistons, or from a rotary engine, electric motor, or turbine engine) is both transmitted from the engine to one or more driven wheels, but it is also geared down (and sometimes also up) so that it can do useful work.


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