Need for Speed Underground

Need for Speed Underground is a street racing simulation video game from Electronic Arts for PC, Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube. It features twenty licensed cars popular in the street racing scene, which can be customized both visually and for performance. Visual modifications improve your reputation multiplier which grants you additional style points; amassing certain amount of style points unlocks new upgrades. The game features drag racing, drifting, circuit racing, and a sprint mode. You can play a guided "underground" mode in which the goal is to become the best-ranked racer in all of these types of driving, play quick races, or play on the internet against others (on PC and Playstation 2 only.) This review focuses on the PC version.

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Heel-Toe Braking/Shifting

When a driver makes a turn in a race, the ideal situation is that they should do their final deceleration into the turn, and do their acceleration out of the turn. There are two primary problems with this ideal. The first is that letting up on the throttle causes the front end to rise, and pressing on the gas causes it to rise some more - causing a double-transition that results in two somewhat unpredictable decreases in the amount of front-end traction. The other is that this often necessitates a downshift, which itself can cause issues with loss of traction.

Jet Moto 2

I am (or at least was - I Can't find the CDs) the proud owner of Jet Moto for both Playstation and PC. Both versions are truly sweet, though you really DO need a gamepad for the PC version (obviously, you have one already for the PSX version.) Since I Do, I enjoyed it immensely.

I was looking far forward to the action I knew and loved and occasionally cursed ("True" physics MY ASS.) It was more or less the same game, but there are a few problems.

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