SanDisk 512MB TransFlash microSD Card

I got this 512MB flash card to go with my Motorola RAZR V3i. I bought mine at Wal*Mart where to be honest it's $3 cheaper, but it will probably get cheaper on Amazon in short order. It comes with a SD adapter so you can plug it into a normal SD slot, which is pretty useful because a lot of MicroSD/Transflash devices, like my RAZR, have a "full-speed" (11Mbps) USB interface. Most laptops seem to come with flash readers today, so this is definitely a very nice feature when loading albums onto a phone or similar.

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Motorola RAZR V3i

Cellular telephones have become something of a necessity in the modern world. These days it can be hard to even find a pay phone, and it costs you fifty cents to make a call. Even on some moderately expensive prepaid cellular, that's a five minute call from a cellphone, and you can make it without even getting out of your car, and it can be long distance.

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Coby MP-C544 256MB mp3 Headphones

I just scored a pair of these things for nothing, and that's about what I'd pay for 'em. If you can get them cheap, they are capable players - for example, they support the 320kbps mp3s that so many cheapie players choke on. On the other hand, the build quality is everything you've come to expect from Coby and the headphones can't actually be used as headphones, only to play mp3s. A higher-quality product might support USB Audio and work as a sound card when you hook it up.

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