Don't buy from PNY!

Recently, I had a Transcend MiniSD card go bad, so after jumping through some hoops I managed to process a RMA (and I'm waiting for it to come back.) Well, my PNY 1GB SD died as well (you can see I only buy the best) so I went to their website to process the RMA - at which point I found out that they require that you have the original proof of purchase to process the RMA.


Unsurprisingly enough, automakers are the companies that actually make the cars. Charting who belongs to who can be quite a challenge, as they have a certain tendency to shift. In fact, while there are literally dozens of automakers around the world, ownership of all of the significant names falls to just a handful of corporations. Complicating this issue is the fact that besides mergers and acquisitions, companies also developed alternate marques for differentiating their product lines, so that even back in the "good old days" we had Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, GM-Chevrolet-Pontiac-Cadillac, and Chrysler-Dodge-Plymouth. These days, GM owns everything under the sun, and Ford has most of what's left, with DaimlerChrysler picking up the stragglers - but there's numerous other mergers as well, like Renault and Nissan, or the Volkswagen group that even includes Lamborghini these days.


Veilside is a Japanese car tuning company which produces and sells wheels, body kits, and exhaust systems, primarily for Japanese automobiles. They are highly regarded in all of these capacities. They also have a US facility for the production of body kits.


TotalFinaElf is one of the world's leading oil companies. They are involved in exploration, drilling, refining, sales, and distribution. Their three major brands, Elf, Total, and Fina, give them a presence in most major markets throughout the world.


Molex is the world's second-largest supplier of connectors for all sorts of uses, but they are best-known for the many connectors which they have contributed to the IBM-compatible personal computer. The large four-pin D-keyed power connector on PC peripherals like CD-ROMs and hard disk drives is frequently referred to simply as a "molex connector", but is actually the Molex 8981 series. They also make many products for [[fiberoptic]] connections, and for the auto industry.



Elf is a [[brand name]] of the [[French]] company [[TotalFinaElf]], which also includes the [[Total]] and [[Fina]] companies, which also make various fuels and distribute them through [[service station]]s. They primarily produce [[fuel]]s, [[heating oil]], [[gasoline]], and [[lubricant]]s.

Eibach Springs

Eibach Springs, with major locations in the [[United States of America|United States]], [[Germany]], and [[Australia]], is one of the world's largest "[[performance]]" spring [[manufacturer]]s and [[distributor]]s. They make springs for the suspension of nearly every [[car]] and [[motorcycle]] on the road (as well as a more limited set of performance [[valve spring]]s, as well as springs for some [[mountain bike]]s. They are known far and wide as one of the [[best]] companies from which one could purchase [[spring]]s for automotive applications. In addition, they supply their products to some of the largest [[automaker]]s in the world.


Brembo is a company which is well-known for their aftermarket automotive brake components. In fact, they are considered (both by themselves and others) to be the "worldwide leader in brake system technology". They are a leading provider of performance braking systems and components, and a great deal of the research done on braking systems comes out of Brembo.
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