Schwartz on Beer

I wrote the entire text of Intermediate Perl while sitting at a brewpub in Beaverton, Oregon, always having been under the influence of at least two pints of their ale. It has been called my "best writing ever". I daresay that many of my 255 Perl columns were also written under similar circumstances. For me, to "concentrate" to write seems to require some sort of chemical influence. Otherwise, I get easily distracted by shiny objects, and can't "concentrate".
— Randal L. Schwartz

Alternatives to Pliny

Somewhere along the line I discovered what kind of alcohol drinker I am: a hophead, or a consumer of highly-hopped beers, typified by double, triple, or imperial India Pale Ales (or "IPAs"), a type of beer originally designed to retain some hop flavor after a long sea voyage in a wooden cask. Indeed, there is a strong trend in cask-aged IPAs and other styles of strong beer. But that's not what I want to talk about; right now I want to mention some "other" fine beers that I enjoy just as much as Pliny the Elder, which is broadly considered to be the world's best IPA.

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