Why all the GPL hate?

Lately there has been a lot of nonsense (as I see it, ho ho) going around about the GPL. Perhaps it's just that the people who dislike it are becoming more outspoken, but many people are saying that they have recently come to believe that the GPL must necessarily spell the end of all software companies, the loss of zillions of jobs, and so on and so forth. I believe this is all a lot of hooey. The following material is (currently) the culmination of a long and involved thread on the subject on Google+; I will spare you a link as this is probably the most cogent contribution I made to the conversation anyway. Content after the break.


Building the SMC SMCWAPS-G firmware on Ubuntu

This article details the process of building the stock firmware for the SMCWAPS-G from the sources on Ubuntu Hardy (8.04.1.) The SMC SMCWAPS-G is on one hand an 802.11g access point with two USB2 ports and a 2.5" form factor ATA/IDE connector, and on the other a small and extremely low power consumption x86-compatible linux-based server with the same. While the included GPL compliance CD is relatively worthless to the casual user, the company does make the same content available in a more useful form for free download via their web site. This article explains how I built the sources; Read my review of the SMCWAPS-G for more information on the device in general.

A Simple perl-based cron.php Fetcher for Drupal

I originally posted this on here but I wrote it, so here it is.

I just ran into a fun problem: I installed a VMware LAMP appliance and it turns out it doesn't have lynx, links, curl, or wget. What to do? Luckily, it has perl. The following perl script grabs cron.php from localhost and prints the job's status to STDOUT.

A simple demo module which produces blocks

I'm working on a new (drupal-powered) website for work and there's this page that lists upcoming music events in one of the venues. In this venue, we have a regular event that happens every wednesday. Thus, I need a comma-separated list of wednesdays. I don't want to add PHP to any input format besides the one where it's the only filter, so I needed some other way to get this content into my page (which also makes use of other filters, like img_assist, and insert view.)

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