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Fun with Mercedes

The day before yesterday, I replaced the thermostat on my 300SD. Every time I work on this vehicle I have it shoved in my face that it's meant to be serviced on a lift, and only on a lift. I actually went and bought ramps for this job, which only works because my driveway slants down, and I put the ramps there, somewhat leveling the vehicle (it was still down slightly in front.)

Restless Minds

I just watched a commercial for Lunesta, a drug meant to calm one's "restless mind". It was toward the end of one of those shows on Faux News where Republicrats and Demoplicans do their best to shout louder than their opposite numbers. This is not a new thought to me (at least not since the first time I saw it last week) but I can't help but think that there are awfully good reasons for one's mind to be restless.


Disruptive Technologies

So, here I sit Watching 60 minutes and after a piece on the impending demise of GM and a bit with Osama's old bodyguard there was a feature about Americans working over 60 hours a week. Some of the people were working 80 hours end were actually happy about it. One couple's daughter's favorite Toy is a Blackberry!

So, where did we go from there? An ad from hallmark showing a group of Children clustered around a singing rabbit toy and ignoring the father figure who is trying to draw them into an Easter egg hunt.

So, Ladies, you wanna roll in my Mercedes?

My Benz is once again in commission. I replaced the alternator, which was kind of a suck-ass job, but honestly not all that bad. You just have to yank off the air filter system including the tube going to the turbocharger and you can get at it all from the top. You can also get there from the bottom, but I was doing the work on dirt and couldn't get there that way (can't put a jack stand on dirt, can't really block tires safely either.)

Cook an egg with a cellular phone? I think not.

I spend a lot of time on Slashdot and today there was a story entitled HOWTO, Cook an Egg With Your Cell Phone. It linked to an article - hopefully a humorous one - claiming you can cook an egg with a cellular phone in two minutes. Those who use a cellular phone and haven't yet cooked their head after hours and hours of talking on it are surely wondering how this can be.


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