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While visiting our country, a lovely French maiden found herself out of money just as her visa expired. Unable to pay her passage back to France, she was in despair until an enterprising sailor made her a sporting proposition. "My ship is sailing tonight," he said. "I'll smuggle you aboard, hide you down in the hold and provide you with a mattress, blankets and food. All it will cost you is a little love."

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It was in a bar in midtown Manhattan and the Frenchman and the American were talking about love over some dry Martinis. "Deed you know, sir," the Frenchman said, "that een my country thair are 79 different ways how to make the REAL, passionate luff?" "Do tell?" said the American. "Well, that's amazing. In this country there's only one." "Just one?" the Frenchman said, condescendingly. "And what eez that?" "Well, there's a man and a woman, and --" "Sacre bleu!!" exclaimed the Frenchman. "Numbair 80!"


Elf is a [[brand name]] of the [[French]] company [[TotalFinaElf]], which also includes the [[Total]] and [[Fina]] companies, which also make various fuels and distribute them through [[service station]]s. They primarily produce [[fuel]]s, [[heating oil]], [[gasoline]], and [[lubricant]]s.


A Monocoque (MOW-no-coke) structure is one which uses its outer skin as a structural member to bear shear or load forces due to bending, which is accomplished through the distribution of these forces. They can be divided into three groups - monocoque, semi-monocoque, and reinforced shell. Monocoque comes from a French word meaning "single shell". These designs first came into vogue in aircraft, as a way to save weight by transferring load from a heavy frame to the skin of the craft, which is after all a required component.

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