Restless Minds

I just watched a commercial for Lunesta, a drug meant to calm one's "restless mind". It was toward the end of one of those shows on Faux News where Republicrats and Demoplicans do their best to shout louder than their opposite numbers. This is not a new thought to me (at least not since the first time I saw it last week) but I can't help but think that there are awfully good reasons for one's mind to be restless.

For instance, hot on the heels of the effective destruction of New Orleans (at least on a geologic timescale) the midwest has gotten beaten like eggs on Friday. Even on Fox the man behind the weather desk is willing to call the waters in the Gulf "hotter than normal". For those who have missed it, this is the power behind the unusual weather that crapped all over NO. And, of course, there is more crap coming; it's going to hit my beloved California first. The ground is highly saturated already, and there have already been numerous landslides. Just a few weeks ago, it snowed down to the beach in Capitola. We're talking about almost the very center of the California coast.

What we would have to call this is unprecedented. Weather around the globe has been doing things that would best be described as "wacky" if it weren't killing people. Besides the weather, you could be concerned about continuing nuclear proliferation instead, or even just the perpetuation of the military-industrial complex. It's not clear if it could carry a nuclear warhead, but Iran now has their own version of the Russian SHKVAL (sp?) "underwater missile", which travels at speeds over 200 knots. Really, a nuclear warhead on a missile like that isn't amazingly useful, but Iran is also continuing to refine plutonium, as well as pressing for UN acceptance of their weapons program.

People with children have got to be having a hard time sleeping lately. For one, Michael Jackson is still on the loose... Seriously though, if I had kids I'd probably never sleep. This would be doubly true if I had daughters, because I remember what I was like when I was a kid, and I wasn't near as bad as most of the little bastards I hung out with. The news is packed up with stories about kids (and even teens) being killed or going missing.

Anyhow, I'm going to end the same way I began, talking shit about TV. Want to ease your restless mind? Kill your television. I know you've heard this before, but I'm not kidding around here. Like anything else, small doses are unlikely to hurt you, but too much is unhealthy. Mostly, you should avoid the TV news. Sure, I have a TV, but it's actually a video monitor meant for commercial uses such as video walls, and doesn't even have a tuner. I use it for a monitor for console gaming.

I'm not suggesting that you cut yourself off, just that you disconnect from sensational media that seeks to keep you agitated. Conspiracy buffs will tell you that they present a certain subset of the news and utilize a certain spin because mainstream news outlets are government puppets and the powers that be want to keep us running scared so we don't have time to realize what they're up to, but it's more likely that the news corporations are doing it just to keep people watching.

I honestly can't decide which is worse.