The Amazing Incompetence of Callwave

I signed up for Callwave because I wanted to try out their new, beta "Vtxt" feature, which will read your voicemail and send you a txt with the contents. However, as I ended up missing voicemails because there was no notification, I decided to cancel.

I have a GSM phone, and according to Callwave's instructions, typing ##004# (send) is supposed to restore your voicemail number to the original setting. Not so in my case; I get back a message "Not Available".

I sent the following message to callwave tech support:

I am on Edge Wireless, GSM (RAZR V3i) and the ##004# is returning "Not Available"

I want to stop using the service... how can I accomplish this?

I got back the following:

We are very sorry to hear that you no longer wish to use this service. Please log in to the CallWave Members Zone at the link below. This page will give you instructions on to how to cancel the service, and remove the Call Forwarding from your phone.

There was a bit more, but that's the meat of the message. Well, I visited the URL provided in the email and the system unsubscribed me. There are NO instructions on disabling their service on my phone, although they do tell me to call my phone provider. But I am determined to exhaust their limited abilities before I do that.

Anyway, I called them (866-470-1989) and told them my problems. Guess what? Their systems are "down"! That's right, not only can they not manage to reliably get me a voicemail notification, but they can't keep their servers up, either.

I sent the following mail to the support tech idiot who responded to my message:

Obviously you have a reading comprehension problem. I explicitly said that the key sequence to disable callwave was not working. Now I have disabled callwave (thank you so VERY much) but my phone is still set to contact callwave for voicemail.

Perhaps the next time you want to provide someone advice you will read the message before telling them to do something which is incorrect. I was hoping that it would give me removal instructions on the link you provided, on the assumption that as an employee of callwave you might know what you were talking about.

I was wrong.

How do I tell my phone to go back to the old voicemail?

I sent it both to my personal support idiot, and to (on the assumption that the guy's manager might get to read it that way.)

When does open season on dumbasses begin?

Update Mon Jul 30 14:07:38 PDT 2007: I called up Edge Wireless and they disabled the crap for me remotely.

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